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This past Monday, the Environment Committee voted to approve HB 6441 – The Governor’s Act Concerning Climate Change Adaptation.

HB 6441 includes several proposals which provide municipalities with funding tools to better respond to the impacts of climate change at the local level. While we support the bill in its entirety, CLCC advocacy efforts have focused on the section of the bill which enables a Municipal Funding Option – giving communities the opportunity to establish a limited buyer’s conveyance fee program to generate revenue for climate resilience and other local environmental projects.

Thank you! Your show of support was key to getting the bill over this important hurdle.

What’s next? The bill now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration, and likely referral to at least one committee for review and a vote.

Your continued advocacy is essential moving the bill forward. Stay tuned!

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director
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P.S. Please take a minute to thank members of the Environment Committee for their vote in favor of HB6441 (view vote tally here), and cc your legislators too.