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summer field with blue sky

The Connecticut Comprehensive Open Space Acquisition Strategy (Green Plan) guides DEEP and its land conservation partners’ efforts to conserve 21% of Connecticut’s land base as open space by the year 2023, as set by section 23-8 of the general statutes.  With the most recent plan expired, the agency is establishing a process to develop the next Green Plan, including partnering with CLCC to offer public information sessions to gather public input on what and how land conservation strategies should be included and prioritized.

As a first step, with input from the public and the State Natural Heritage, Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition Review Board, DEEP has developed a definition of open space, which the agency will provide to a consultant who will assist with the Green Plan revision process.  DEEP designed the definition to encompass all land currently used or acting as open space in Connecticut to help gauge progress toward holding 21% of the state’s land area as open space, as referenced in CGS Section 23-8 (b).

Read the definition here »

If you have any questions about the definition or the Green Plan revision process, please get in touch with CLCC Executive Director Amy Blaymore Paterson at abpaterson@ctconservation.org

Photo credit: Shelley Harms