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Connecticut Roundtable

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Whether all-volunteer or staffed, land trusts across the state are recognizing that to stay vibrant, resilient, and effective for generations to come, they need to further engage in what’s happening in their communities and beyond. In this first session, join land trust leaders from across the state as they share their perspectives on what it…

Climate Roundtable

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How can your Land Trust respond to Connecticut’s changing climate? Climate change is now a primary lens through which land trusts, community members, philanthropists, government agencies, elected officials, and others are viewing a variety of environmental and societal challenges. Land trusts have a significant opportunity and many options for how they can contribute to “natural…

NextGen Roundtable

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Is your land trust struggling to attract a younger, more diverse demographic to your board and membership? If so, you are not alone! With all land trusts striving to meet their mission of perpetuity, many are contemplating succession planning and the challenges of organizational sustainability—all against a backdrop of our changing climate, addressing community needs,…

Roundtable Across State Borders

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In this final conference roundtable, we welcome land trust leaders from across state borders to share their perspectives on what it means to be a land trust now. Topics include: Working at a local scale and a landscape scale. Grappling with how to be more inclusive and diverse. Creating a more community-based, welcoming organization. Engaging…