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There’s an amazing opportunity waiting to happen:

Millions of conservation dollars have been awarded for Connecticut land conservation work. But there’s a catch…

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What would it mean to you if Connecticut doubled its protection of critical wildlife habitat, farms, and waterways?

How might we save what matters most, and share those special places with our communities, at a time when development continues to eat away these special places?

We have an amazing opportunity to dramatically increase the conservation of important lands throughout Connecticut—but we need your help to make that happen.

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council was recently awarded a federal grant in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to help local land trusts conserve important lands and waters across the state. 

  • This grant has the potential to bring millions of dollars to help conserve the special
    places in Connecticut you care about.
  • Local land trusts would be able to tap into these dollars and work with communities and interested landowners to protect amazing places at risk from development.

But here’s the catch:  the federal funding has to be matched with state open space funding. 

Right now, Connecticut doesn’t have enough funding in place to meet the existing demand for its open space grant program.

Without a significant investment of state funds, we risk leaving millions of federal dollars on the table and losing the opportunity to protect hundreds of acres of land.

We can’t let that happen!

Given the amazing opportunity, I am asking that you make a special gift to CLCC to help us build this new partnership program and convince legislators that the time to act is now.

  • Your donation will help us work with legislators and local elected officials to dedicate
    state open space funding to meet the federal match.
  • It will also ensure that land trusts have access to these funds and have the support they need to protect the lands that are so important to their community.

Land trusts—all across the state—are standing by to help local families and communities conserve the lands that matter most. Yet, because of a lack of funding to conserve these lands, many have to walk away from amazing opportunities to protect land. The federal conservation funds would change that.

There’s good news!

Given how important this is, a local friend of conservation will match any new or increased donations—providing you with an even greater opportunity to make a difference.

Please consider a donation, of any amount, to help CLCC ensure that Connecticut has adequate funding to match the millions of federal dollars for conservation that have already been awarded.

As a community-supported nonprofit, the Connecticut Land Conservation Council relies on the generosity of people like you. No gift is too small, and your generosity really matters. Thank you!


Amy Blaymore Paterson

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director

P.S. There are a number of super smart ways to give. You may be surprised to know that donating stock, or donating from an IRA, can save you significant tax saving—and will leverage your gift’s impact. A monthly gift will also be matched—for the entire year. If you have any questions about your giving options, the match campaign, or your giving history, please contact me anytime at abpaterson@ctconservation.org or (860) 614-8537.