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The news headlines have been tough to read. Globally, nationally, and right here in New England. They make me anxious. They make me sad. They make me angry. They also have me thinking about a “Common Ground with Jane Whitney” program—a nationally syndicated public affairs conversation—I attended with many conservation partners last month in Washington, CT.

In a discussion entitled “Climate Change: Minutes to Midnight,” renowned writers and lecturers Katherine Heyhoe (“Power of Crisis”), Britt May (“Generation Dread”), and Michael Mann (“Our Fragile Moment”) discussed the lack of coordinated action to address the climate crisis coming from Washington, D.C., and the feelings of anxiety, grief, and helplessness this inaction can evoke in so many of us.

Their collective message: Breaking through that gridlock and addressing those feelings of distress requires finding a middle path—somewhere between the extreme, do-nothing positions of denial and fatalistic resignation—and taking action. It’s the more challenging path to take, but the only chance we have to make a change.

Working in land conservation, we have a unique opportunity to be leaders in that middle ground. Our actions not only help to mitigate the increasingly chaotic impacts of the changing climate but also stem the loss of biodiversity, address food insecurity, and tackle many more of the issues that threaten our very existence.

While we may not have the power to change the world overnight, through our actions and involvement, we can make a significant impact here in Connecticut. And, in doing so, experience the remarkable healing power of blazing a proactive and positive path forward in shaping a better future.

I thank you for all you do to help make that possible.

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P.S. Speaking of taking action, November 7 is election day. Please remember to vote!