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Side-by-side with Turtle Creek Wildlife Sanctuary sign on the left and map graphic of Turtle Creek Preserve on the right

Essex Land Trust
The Nature Conservancy

“The Essex Land Trust’s relationship with The Nature Conservancy dates to 1985, when it gifted 97 acres of the Canfield-Meadow Woods Preserve to us. We are thrilled that it is now donating Turtle Creek Preserve to us, and we look forward to providing local stewardship to this iconic Connecticut River property.”
– Jeff Croyle, ELT President

On April 25, Essex Land Trust (ELT) received the Turtle Creek Preserve from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a transaction that placed the property under local stewardship. The 96-acre preserve provides habitat for wildlife and environmental protection for wooded uplands and tidal marshes. It is also a historically significant site that continues to play a role in the community, serving as a space for the public to enjoy nature. The transfer of this preserve to ELT was supported by a Connecticut Land Conservation Council Transaction Assistance Grant (TAG). This program assists land trusts with transaction costs…

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Turtle Creek Preserve Wood Sign courtesy of The Nature Conservancy
Map of Turtle Creek Preserve courtesy of Essex Land Trust