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Collage of 6 photos from October 2021

Pre-COVID, I was constantly on the road. Whether providing land trusts with technical assistance, convening roundtables, advocating for land conservation funding, or celebrating community conservation success stories, it wasn’t unusual for me to attend a meeting in one part of the state in the morning followed by another in the opposite corner that evening.

I didn’t realize how much I missed those in-person experiences until they recently began again.

From annual meetings to preserve dedications, conservation conversations to award ceremonies – the flurry of outdoor events these past couple of months has given me and my staff a long-overdue opportunity to catch-up in-person with friends and colleagues, as well as each other, at gatherings across the state.

No matter where we are – seeing old friends or meeting people for the first time – the sense of community is palpable. These long awaited reunions are a reminder that land is a unifier – bringing people together around a common desire for clean air and water, fresh food, and the simple joy of access to greenspaces and the many other benefits that come with it.

I’m on the road again and it sure feels good.

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director
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