2021 Winners

The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest

Congratulations 2021 Winners

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) in partnership with the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) are pleased to announce the winners of The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest.

A huge thank you to our judges for their time to look at each photo! We would also like to thank the many people who submitted a photo for consideration.

Contest Details

Both amateur and professional photographers are welcome to submit photos. All photos must feature a property from the Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition (OSWA) Grant Program.

Diana Atwood Johnson

The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest is named in honor of Diana Atwood Johnson, an avid birder and accomplished amateur bird photographer.

An open field preserve with fall foliage of trees and a couple of mountaintops in the background

Autumn Sun at Platt Farm Preserve

Julie Stuart

Photo taken at Platt Farm Preserve Flood Bridge Road, Southbury, protected by the Southbury Land Trust

2021 marks the 20th Anniversary of the preservation of the Platt Farm Preserve, a beautiful 110 acre preserve, a hidden gem in the center of Southbury. This photo depicts the expansive views from the ridge line seen while meandering on the many trails there.

A group of turkey tail fungi growing alongside a fallen tree

Gilled Gifts

Susan Magaziner

Photo taken at The Preserve protected by the Essex Land Trust, the town of Old Saybrook, and the state of Connecticut

Stunning turkey tail fungi was abundant on the bark of fallen trees when this photo was taken during a hike in The Preserve, Essex in the winter months. "Trametes versicolor" is a common polypore mushroom as the name "versicolor" reliably describes this fungus that displays different color.

The zones with green algae and typical concentric zones of color were a welcomed surprise to discover during our hike in the month of January as the colors were a delight to behold in an otherwise dormant Preserve.

The Preserve forest as protected by the Essex Land Trust is recognized as the largest intact coastal block of forest between New York and Boston and protects the drinking water supply for two towns.

People walking in a line on a trail in a green forest

Hiking in the Woods

Elizabeth Hopley

Photo taken at Converse Brook Preserve, protected by the Greenwich Land Trust and the town of Greenwich

The Converse Brook Preserve was about to be acquired by the Greenwich Land Trust, and members of the Conservation Committees of the Greenwich Garden Club, Hortulus and Greenfingers came together for a hike with the GLT Director to see what help may be needed for this beautiful new preserve.

It is a magical place with many lush ferns, soaring trees, and a lovely brook running through the property.

A vernal pool reflection with fairy dancing all over the water shrimp

Where Shrimp Fairies Dance

Susan Magaziner

Photo taken at Mt. Archer Woods protected by Lyme Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy

A vernal pool of wonder appeared along the Mt Archer trails at the start of the River to Ridgetop South. Protected by the Lyme Land Trust, Town of Lyme and The Nature Conservancy the vernal pools and unseen ecosystems allow shrimp fairies to dance beyond what the eye can see.

Community garden with 2 gardeners standing on the left, a mound of dirt on the right, and empty raised garden beds in 3 rows

A Community Garden for All

Jennifer Martinez

Photo taken at the Enfield Street Community Garden in Hartford, enhanced by the Knox, Inc.

Thanks to an Urban Green and Community Garden Grant Program from DEEP, KNOX enhanced Enfield Street Community Garden for gardeners and visitors to enjoy.

Heron with head turned to its right with its reflection in the clear water. Behind it is a preserve with tall grass.

Mirrored Reflection

Norm Jensen

Photo taken at the Silvermine-Fowler portion of the Still Pond Preserve, protected by the New Canaan Land Trust

"This preserve is one of my favorite sanctuary's among the land trust's. I go to visit the sounds & smells of nature and to meditate. the bench near the pond is were it all happens."

A duck with a black head and beak, white ears, black feathers with white strips, white chest with black strips, and brown belly paddling in the water

Paddling in the Water

Lindsay Pettinicchi

Photo taken at the King Property at Horse Hill Woods, protected by the Town of Westbrook

Lindsay Pettinicchi took this picture at Westbrook Land Conservation Trust in Westbrook, CT. Male Hooded Merganser Swimming is a unique find on a clear winter day on the east coast - capturing a moment like this is priceless (It was taken very close to a salt marsh on Hammock Road close to the Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge).

Finding a good picture always makes her smile when she encounters it. She has developed an appreciation for wildlife and all of her wonderful adventures taking photos reminds her of how important it is to take time to relax and discover things. With photography, she takes time to appreciate nature’s beauty and captures it in its natural environment.

Previous Winners

flock of birds flying

Photos by Diana Atwood Johnson (1946-2018)