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Robert Marra

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Robert Marra

Forest Pathologist
CT Agricultural Experiment Station

Bob Marra, Associate Scientist, is a Forest Pathologist in the Department of Plant Pathology & Ecology at CAES. Bob earned his Ph.D. in Plant Pathology and Mycology from Cornell University. Dr. Marra’s research program at CAES encompasses various aspects of tree and plant diseases of natural and urban ecosystems. Current research centers on beech leaf disease, using DNA fingerprinting to track pathways of spread of the BLD nematode. Dr. Marra recently developed a methodology using tomography to nondestructively study the role that internal decay plays in carbon cycling. In addition to maintaining a diagnostics program for oak wilt, Dr. Marra collaborates with the USFS in maintaining BLD long-term monitoring plots throughout the state. Dr. also serves on the CT Tree Protection Examining Board.