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Sharon Danosky

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Sharon Danosky

Danosky & Associates, LLC

Sharon Danosky is a strategist who partners with nonprofit organizations to build organizational capacity. With over 35 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, Sharon knows how to drive change and achieve results, re-igniting boards with a sense of purpose, while building sustainable fundraising programs that achieve double-digit increases.

As a white woman with 40 years’ experience working in the nonprofit sector, Sharon’s work with equity, diversity and inclusion focuses on facilitating difficult conversations with boards and guiding them to better understand their purpose, the people, and communities they are serving, and how to connect more deeply for a more purpose-driven outcome.

Sharon is a Board Source Certified Governance Consultant, and received her certification in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University. She is a member of the Land Trust Alliance and Connecticut Land Conservation Council. She has extensive experience working with environmental organizations and land trust throughout the region. Sharon brings a hands-on approach that gives her clients the tools that work and instills them with the confidence to succeed.