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Tyra Penn-Gesek

Tyra Penn-Gesek

Tyra Penn-Gesek

Director, Planning & Development
Town of Thompson, CT

Tyra Penn-Gesek is the Director of Planning & Development for the Town of Thompson. Since coming onboard in 2019, she has guided the Town’s Planning & Zoning Commission and was the primary author on the comprehensive overhaul of the Thompson Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Regulations and Plan of Conservation and Development.

She was also the primary author of the Town’s PA-490 Open Space Ordinance, as well as a novel ordinance, The Ordinance for the Control of Vacant, Abandoned and Tax Delinquent (VAD) Structures in Certain Districts, meant to facilitate the rehabilitation of distressed economically significant structures in Thompson. She acts as the advisory staff member for the Town’s Planning & Zoning Commission, Economic Development Commission, Mill Sites Redevelopment Advisory Committee, Trails Committee and Agriculture Commission.

As the primary grant writer for the Town, she has successfully written and administered grants totaling roughly $5.5-million, for projects ranging from community gardens, to recreational trail development, to sidewalk reconstruction and brownfield cleanup.

Tyra is a member of the Boards of Directors for local grassroots 501(c)3 Thompson Together and for the Eastern Connecticut Land Bank, and of the Governance and Finance Committee for CT RC&D. She is also a member of the Marketing Committee and Grants Committee of the Eastern CT Regional Tourism District.