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Collage from the October 2023 #LoveYourCTLandTrust issue

I’m delighted to bring you this month’s #LoveYourCTLandTrust eNews as CLCC’s new Sandy Breslin Conservation Fellow. In the short time I’ve been at CLCC, I’ve learned quickly that Connecticut’s land trusts are doing excellent work in conservation—improving environmental quality and addressing community needs through natural and working land preservation, habitat protection, and so much more.

October’s stories showcase the importance of partnership and community in doing this meaningful work. East Haddam Land Trust successfully opened its new preserve with support from several organizations, including CLCC’s TAG program. Landowner Byron Gallup partnered with Connecticut Farmland Trust, with support from the state and federal governments, to preserve his farm. The work done by Greenwich Land Trust, the Housatonic Valley Association, and New Canaan Land Trust would not have been possible without community engagement—a tree nursery, interns, and neighbors came together to help out their land trusts.

These stories make it clear that a land trust’s contribution to conservation is unique to its history, geography, and community. Our distinct efforts all have a collective impact—for that reason, let’s remember to #LoveYourCTLandTrust.

Victoria Jaskaran
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