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Child testifying at a hearing at the Capitol

“Preserves are good for children, even little kids who are 5 or 6. They learn about the environment and about doing good and being responsible. More people would want to come to Norwich if there were places with fewer buildings and more quiet.” —Silas Hess, fifth grader, St. Patrick’s Cathedral School

Avalonia Land Conservancy (ALC) is working on a project to purchase 101 acres of forested lands in Norwich. Near Old Canterbury Turnpike in Occum, the property includes the Benson Tree Farm. If successful, ALC’s acquisition would increase open space in Norwich, an economically distressed and highly developed municipality. After hearing from local supporters, including ten-year-old Silas Hess, the Norwich City Council unanimously voted to support funding the purchase through an OSWA grant

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Photo courtesy of Stacey Gould