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Tentatively scheduled for March 22, 2025

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Stewardship Tips and Trends from Terrafirma

Room: Boger 113
Intro Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level

Terrafirma Risk Retention Group LLC is a unique charitable risk pool for conservation organizations that helps its members uphold the promise of lasting conservation. This presentation will provide a high-level overview of:

  • Terrafirma’s history, structure, benefits, costs, and coverage,
  • data and analysis from Terrafirma’s 230+ covered claims over the past decade, and selected case studies and
  • practices relevant for CT land trusts.

This presentation is intended for staff, board members, and anyone interested in learning about Terrafirma. Participants will take away information that they can use to help reduce disputes, know common issues affecting conserved properties, and understand how Terrafirma can benefit their land trust’s risk management strategy.


Tom Kester, ARMS Operations Manager and Secretary, Land Trust Alliance, Alliance Risk Management Services LLC, Terrafirma RRG LLC

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“CLCC’s annual conference is like Woodstock for Connecticut’s land conservation community. It’s an opportunity to foster connections, get inspired, and celebrate our collective accomplishments”

- Pete Govert, Executive Director, East Haddam Land Trust

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