Anti-Racism Education and Resource Guides

Anti-Racism Education & Resource Guides

We invite you to learn and grow alongside us. 

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities experience detrimental effects caused by environmental racism and we must recognize that the prejudices and injustices these communities face extend within the boundaries of the outdoor spaces we love and protect. 

We at CLCC have compiled these resources to provide a starting point in understanding the way white privilege is woven deep into conservation, in order to take steps toward a fully inclusive future. 

General Anti-Racism Education

Websites and General Resources

Anti-Racism Resources – Document compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein (May 2020)

Anti-Racism Resources for Students, Educators, and Citizens – UConn Neag School of Education

CT DEEP Environmental Justice Program 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources and Action Items – Nonprofit Learning Lab

Racial Equity Tools - Center for Assessment and Policy Development



Robin DiAngelo:  How 'White Fragility' Supports Racism and How Whites Can Stop It – Sandee LaMotte, CNN (June 2020)

Where to Donate to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement Right Now – Nicola Dall'Asen, Allure Magazine (June 2020)

Why You Need to Stop Saying "All Lives Matter" – Rachel Elizabeth Cargle, Harpers Bazaar (April 2019)



13th – Ava DuVernay, available on Netflix (2016)



1619 – The New York Times 

Code Switch – NPR

Intersectionality Matters! – African American Policy Forum 

Scene on Radio – Center for Diversity Studies (Duke University)


Anti-Racism Education in the Environmental Community

Articles and Resources

Amplifying Black Voices in the Environmental Community – Lauren Ritchie, Brown Girl Green (2020)

Black Environmentalists Talk about Climate and Anti-Racism – Somini Sengupta, The New York Times (2020)

Eco-Fascism:  What It Is, Why It's Wrong, and How to Fight It – Adryan Corcione, Teen Vogue (2020)

Environmentalism’s Racist History – Jedidiah Purdue, The New Yorker (August 2015) 

How ‘Freeway Revolts’ Helped Create the People’s Environmental Law –  Teju Adisa-Farrar and Raul Garcia, Earthjustice (June 2019)

The Inequality of America’s Parks and Green Space – Richard Florida, City Lab (March 2019)

I’m a Black Climate Expert. Racism Derails Our Efforts to Save the Planet. – Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Washington Post (June 2020) 

Kicked Off the Land Why So Many Black Families are Losing Their Property – Lizzie Presser, The New Yorker (July 2019)

Outdoor Afro Connects Participants to the Outdoors and to Black History – Krista Karlson, REI (April 2018)

Parks and the Pandemic – The Trust for Public Land Report (2020)

Parks Combat Summer Heat. But Not Everyone has Equal Access - Joseph Winters, Grist (August 2020)

'Racial Justice is Climate Justice': Why The Climate Movement Needs To Be Anti-Racist - Frederick Hewitt, HBUR (June 2020)

Racism is Killing the Planet  Hop Hopkins, Sierra Club (June 2020)

Read Up on the Links Between Racism and the Environment – Somini Sengupta, The New York Times (June 2020)

Segregated Parks Linked to Higher COVID-19 Deaths for Black and Latino Americans – Trevor Hughes, USA Today (August 2020)

The Heat is On - The Trust for Public Land Report (Summer 2020)

The Long Environmental Justice Movement – Jedediah Purdy, Duke Law School (2018)

The Perils of Being Black in Public:  We are All Christian Cooper and George Floyd – Carolyn Finney, The Guardian (June 2020)

The Struggle for the Land: A Story from America's Black Belt – Dr. Shirley Sherrod, Nonprofit Quarterly (February 2020)

The Toxic Intersection of Racism and Public Space – Brentin Mock, City Lab (May 2020)

The Unsustainable Whiteness of Green – Nikhil Swaminathan, Grist (June 2017)

These Black Nature Lovers are Busting Stereotypes, One Cool Bird at a Time – AJ Willingham, CNN (June 2020)

Turning the Fight to Save the Environment into a Fight for Racial Justice – Teju Adisa-Farrar, Black Youth Project (January 2019)

Unequal Impacts: The Deep Links Between Racism and Climate Change - Beth Gardner, Yale Environment 306 (June 2020)

Where is the Black Blueberries for Sal? – Ashley Fetters, The Atlantic (May 2019)

Why Communities Fighting for Fair Policing Also Demand Environmental Justice – Sammy Roth, LA Times (June 2020)

Why Every Environmentalist Should Be Anti-Racist – Leah Thomas, Vogue Magazine (June 2020)

Why Walking is the Ideal Pandemic Activity – Eric Weiner, National Geographic (August 2020)

Why Your Environmental or Conservation Organization Isn't More Diverse – Institute for Conservation Leadership (July 2020)


Film/Video Series

An American Ascent – Andy Adkins & George Potter (2014)

Climate Curious – The Solutions Project (2020)

Diversity and Inclusion in Our Wild Spaces – The Muir Project (2015)

This Land – Faith E. Briggs (2020)

Words Have Power – Young Voices for the Planet (2019)



The Adventure Gap:  Changing the Face of the Outdoors – James Edward Mills (2014)

African American Environmental Thought:  Foundations – Kimberly K. Smith (2019)

Black Faces, White Spaces – Carolyn Finney (2014)

Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry – Camille T. Dungy (2009) 

Black on Earth:  African American Ecoliterary Traditions – Kimberly N. Ruffin (2010)

Clean and White:  A History of Environmental Racism  Carl A. Zimring (2016)

Dispossessing the Wilderness:  Indian Removal and the Making of the National Parks – Mark David Spence (1999)

Emergent Strategy:  Shaping Change, Changing Worlds – Adrienne Maree Brown (2017)

Farming While Black – Leah Penniman (2018)

Freedom Farmers – Monica M. White (2018)

From the Ground Up:  Environmental Racism and the Rise of the Environmental Justice Movement  – Luke W. Cole, Sheila R. Foster (2000)

The Rise of the American Conservation Movement – Dorceta Taylor (2016)

Rooted in the Earth: Reclaiming the African American Environmental Heritage – Dianne D. Glave (2010)

A Terrible Thing to Waste: Environmental Racism and Its Assault on the American – Harriet A. Washington (2019) 

There's Something in the Water:  Environmental Racism in Indigenous & Black Communities – Ingrid R.G. Waldron (2018)

Toxic Communities:  Environmental Racism, Industrial Pollution, and Residential Mobility – Dorceta Taylor (2014)

Trace:  Memory, History, Race, and the American Landscape – Lauret Savoy (2015)



Brown Girl Green – Kristy Drutman

Green Dreamer – Kamea Chayne


Anti-Racism Action Guides

5 Ways to Make the Outdoors More Inclusive  – The Atlantic

8 Ways Environmental Groups Can Support the Movement for Environmental Justice – Morgan Pennington, WE ACT

Allyship 101: Notes on Inclusion + Equity Within the Outdoor Industry – Alex Gomes, This is Range (April 2018)

Anti-racism in the Outdoors:  Resources related to inclusion, diversity, equity and access of black, indigenous and people of color in parks and greenspaces – compiled by Dr. Dan Rakow, Cornell University, and Laura Brown, UConn 

Being Antiracist – National Museum of African American History and Culture

Beyond Diversity:  A Roadmap to Building an Inclusive Organization – Green 2.0

Diversifying the Conservation Movement – Marcelo Bonta and Charles Jordan, Land Trust Alliance (Chapter from the Future of Conservation in America) 

Diversity in the Conservation Movement - Marcelo Bonta, Tony DeFalco, Chandra Taylor Smith; National Audubon Society in partnership with the North American Association for Environmental Education, ToyotaTogetherGreen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and EE Capacity (September 2015)

Moving from Allyship to Solidarity Actions Look Like - Heidi Schillinger, Fakequity

Privilege, Power, and Person Conflicts: The Forces Preventing Change in in Nonprofit and Philanthropy – Vu Le, Nonprofit AF

Resources and Actions – compiled by New England Landscape Futures with suggestions and action items from Doris Johnson, Outreach & Education Coordinator for CT DEEP’s Environmental Justice Program and CLCC Board Member

Take Action for Black Lives – Center for Biological Diversity, Mobilize for the Wild 

The Anti-Racism Movement is Growing & We ALL Need to Join - Brooke Tully, (June 2020)

Ways to Help Fight Against Anti-Black Police Violence – Maz Ali, Earthjustice (June 2020)

Young Farmers Racial Equity Toolkit - National Young Farmers Coalition


Organizations to Follow

Center for Diversity and the Environment

Center for Whole Communities

CT Black and Puerto Rican Caucus

CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs 

Desegregate Connecticut

Groundwork Bridgeport

Indigenous Environmental Network 

Interreligious Eco-Justice Network

Love Fed New Haven

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences


New Haven Environmental Justice Network

Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust

Outdoor Afro

Soul Fire Farm


Additional Resources/Further Education 

Food Justice Manual – CT CORE Organize Now!


*When possible, check out Connecticut's only Black-owned local, independent bookstore:

The Key Bookstore, Hartford