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Anne-Sophie Pagé giving the keynote address at the 2023 Conference

This past Saturday, approximately 550 people from around the state, region, country, and even as far away as Tasmania, registered to join the Connecticut Land Conservation Council for the 2023 Connecticut Land Conservation Conference – our first in-person conference since 2019.

By all accounts, it was a rousing success, highlighted by a powerful keynote address by Dr. Anne-Sophie Pagé (Annie), a young veterinarian and environmental activist who — through the lens of her global research — provided us with firsthand accounts of the devastating impacts that the interrelated climate and biodiversity crises have had on wildlife and our environment.

Through this month’s eNews and those that follow, we will share excerpts, highlights, and takeaways from this very special day, including a recording of Annie’s presentation. Meanwhile, for those unable to attend – or those who did, but want to hear more – here is an excerpt from Annie’s “Toroa Spoken Word” that she presented to the New Zealand Parliament on World Oceans Day in 2021.

The CLCC team left Wesleyan filled with inspiration, energy, and an even stronger sense of determination to forge on with our work to accelerate the pace and quality of land conservation, build stronger land trusts, and include more people along the way.

Together, every day is a new opportunity to take action and make a difference.

Photo Credit: Laney Lloyd

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