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Hand holding a purple martin bird that has a tracker

Kent Land Trust

“Purple Martins are a critical part of our ecosystem…It is of critical importance to understand the complete biology of the species across the western hemisphere to best determine how to help the population recover.” – Joe Siegrist, President of Purple Martin Conservation Association

Kent Land Trust (KLT), Marvelwood School (MWS), and the Sharon Audubon Society were included in the Purple Martin Conservation Association‘s research network to help conserve purple martins. KLT interns, MWS students, local banders, and volunteers, assisted by Joe Seigrist, came together to deploy 20 Motus Tags and 20 GPS Backpack loggers on adult purple martins breeding in colonies managed by all three organizations. These devices will collect crucial tracking and biological data from the species as they move in the region. KLT properties protect inland wetlands, key feeding, and nesting grounds for the Eastern Purple Martin sub-species. With this partnership, the purple martin’s lifecycle can be better understood for conservation

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Photo courtesy of Kent Land Trust