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Cows standing in a field with text "Building Resiliency on Northwest Connecticut Farmland" and subtext "Announcing NCLC's Climate-Smart Agriculture Grant Program"

Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy

“This funding enables NCLC to actively support our region’s working lands in addressing the challenges posed by a changing climate. We are excited to work with farmers, municipalities, and land trusts to develop effective solutions for our climate challenges and extreme weather events, such as drought and flooding […] This grant goes to the heart of our work to conserve and steward Connecticut’s threatened farmland.”
-Catherine Rawson, Executive Director, NCLC

Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy (NCLC) is accepting applications for its Building Resiliency on Northwest Connecticut Farmland (“Building Resiliency”) grant program, which was created to protect local farms against climate change. Funded by a $750,000 award from the CT Department of Agriculture’s Climate-Smart Farming and Forestry Grant program, Building Resiliency offers climate-smart agricultural assessments and direct grants for climate-smart mitigation practices. Applications for assessments will be accepted on a rolling basis. The first round of applications for implementation grants will close on May 31…

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Photo courtesy of Northwest Connecticut Land Conservancy