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CLCC executive director Amy Blaymore Paterson and her family kayaking on a sunny day

I’ve just wrapped up a fabulous summer staycation with my family, including two grandkids under three and a half years old.

What struck me most was how their biggest smiles and loudest laughs came from the simplest moments outdoors—muddy hands, chasing butterflies, harvesting tomatoes, playful splashes while kayaking for the first time, and more.

Better than fancy toys or shopping sprees, just nature in its purest form. A visit to a state park or local preserve made each day a new adventure, capped off with ice cream from farms across the state. It was delightful.

Through our land conservation work, we ensure these opportunities for outdoor adventures are available so every child, everywhere, can enjoy and learn. It’s a huge responsibility and often an uphill battle, but it’s always worth it.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Here’s to preserving the giggles, the dirty fingers, and the endless awe that only nature can bring.

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