2020 Winners

The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest

Congratulations 2020 Winners

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) in partnership with the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) are pleased to announce the winners of The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest.

A huge thank you to our judges for their time to look at each photo! We would also like to thank the many people who submitted a photo for consideration.

Contest Details

Both amateur and professional photographers are welcome to submit photos. All photos must feature a property from the Open Space and Watershed Land Acquisition (OSWA) Grant Program.

Diana Atwood Johnson

The Diana Atwood Johnson Photo Contest is named in honor of Diana Atwood Johnson, an avid birder and accomplished amateur bird photographer.

Overall Winner — "Best in Show"

wintery sunrise over snow covered trees

Winter at Wagner Woods

Danielle D'ermo

Photo taken at Wagner Woods, protected by Simsbury Land Trust

Serene and Pristine are the adjectives that come to mind when visiting a Simsbury Land Trust property after a snow storm. The beauty of the trees, the streams and the plants all  covered in a white blanket of powdery snow leave me in awe. It reinforces the importance of how critical organizations such as Land Trusts and Conservation organizations are in protecting these environments for all of us today and for future generations.

Observing wildlife, spending time in our forests and open spaces our beautiful natural environments help to ground me and put the craziness and stress of the world in perspective.

Connecticut Landscapes, Wildscapes & Waterways — Winner

pastel colored reflections of trees in water

Metamorphosis in Glimmer Glass

Susan Magaziner

Photo taken at Jewett Preserve protected by Lyme Land Conservation Trust and The Nature Conservancy

This photo was taken on December 31, 2019 at Jewett Preserve, protected by the Lyme Land Conservation Trust and The Nature Conservancy. Upon hiking the White Trail from Mt. Archer we came upon this vernal pool of mysterious wonder. A newly formed covering of ice glistened to her visitors as the pool whispered the happenings in the ecosystem below.

The photo only suggests what the eye cannot see, this the miraculous transformation of amphibian life reminding us of the wonders of the obligate species that find a unique temporary habitat to breed, transform and survive. As many of these pools, formed due to the seasonal cycle of flooding and drying, usually form in the spring we were lucky enough to find this magical occurrence of an autumn formed pool that was holding water as a home for these magical creatures throughout the winter season.

Little did we know that as we happened upon this discovery of glimmering glass organisms and plant life celebrated their life cycles as we walked on in wonder.

Connecticut Landscapes, Wildscapes & Waterways — Runners Up

snow covered field

Platt Farm Preserve

Julie Stuart

Photo taken at Platt Farm Preserve, protected by Southbury Land Trust

Platt Farm Preserve off of Flood Bridge Road in Southbury, along the Pomperaug River.

wintery trail with a mountain bike

Winter Wonderland

John M. Joy

Photo taken at Rockhouse Hill Sanctuary, protected by Oxford Land Trust

Oxford's Rockhouse Hill Sanctuary. Sunrise ride on a snowy morning, on the Red/White trail maintained by the Oxford High School Youth Conservation Corps and the Housatonic Valley Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association.

People — Winner

fall trail walk with a pup

Joyful at Jewett

Susan Magaziner

Photo taken at Jewett Preserve, protected by Lyme Land Conservation Trust and The Nature Conservancy

This photo was taken on December 31, 2019 at Jewett Preserve, protected by the Lyme Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy.

Just coming over the knoll at the convergence of the White and Red Trails while this LaGotto’s human was on the trail in deep reflection, taking in the beauty of sunset, it looks like something else got the attention of Hink as he thought, “Must be friends, if only they would let me go see.”

People — Runner Up

two women practicing yoga as the sun rises

Meeker Swamp, Washington

Pam Quist

Photo taken at Macricostas Preserve, protected by Steep Rock Association

This photo was taken at 5:24 am in the Macricostis Preserve (the Meeker Swamp part) in Washington, CT. We set our alarms to go for a sunrise hike. When we got to the big field the sun was rising and the fog blanketed the landscape.

My sister and daughter struck their poses and I snapped the picture from behind them. It was a magical moment that I will never forget.

Wildlife — Winner

green frog camouflaged on moss

Frog on Moss

Lindsay Pettinicchi

Photo taken at Hollister Preserve/Whitehouse Family Nature Preserve/Bogdan Parcel, protected by Kongscut Land Trust

Lindsay Pettinicchi came across this frog while going for a walk on the Hollister Preserve/Whitehouse Family Nature Preserve/Bogdan Parcel, Kongscut Land Trust, in Glastonbury, CT. She took out her camera to get its picture very quickly and it hopped into the woods (It was taken off of the Tall Timbers Road trail entrance where Smith Brook flows through the trail.)

Finding a good picture always makes her smile when she encounters it. She has developed an appreciation for wildlife and all of her wonderful adventures taking photos reminds her of how important it is to take time to relax and discover things. With photography, she takes time to appreciate nature’s beauty and captures it in its natural environment.

Previous Winners

flock of birds flying

Photos by Diana Atwood Johnson (1946-2018)