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Remembering Sandy Breslin (1954 – 2017)

Three women standing in front of a Save the Land posterWith the regular legislative session behind us and the special session ahead, there is certainly a lot to think about.  Yesterday, as I began to prepare my post-session re-cap and organize our game plan for the budget challenges ahead, I kept wishing that I could talk with Sandy Breslin.

Sandy passed away on May 31 after a brief but valiant battle with cancer.  Sandy meant so much to so many of us.

As a colleague:  A long time CLCC Steering Committee member and co-chair of our Policy & Advocacy Committee, Sandy was a go-to advisor in developing and implementing CLCC’s annual conservation agenda.

Whether it was drafting a call to action, a letter to the editor, or testimony for a public hearing, Sandy’s guidance was always thoughtful and strategic, and played a big part in helping to raise CLCC’s profile as a statewide leader in land conservation advocacy.

As an advocate:  Sandy was a tireless champion for the environment, dedicating her professional and volunteer time to environmental causes.  Sandy was soft-spoken, yet strong; outspoken, yet polite; and always professional.   Her reputation preceded her!

Sandy Breslin speaking at podium with 2 women holding birdsI recently told Congresswoman DeLauro that when I last visited with her staff in D.C. for Land Trust Advocacy Days, the conversation was mostly about Sandy and her work to protect Long Island Sound! Whether in Washington or Hartford, or locally in her hometown of Bethany, Sandy left her mark as a passionate and well-respected advocate who always got the job done.

As a friend:  Sandy truly cared about people, and was particularly devoted to her family and friends.  She went out of her way to do thoughtful things for you — for no reason other than the fact that she wanted to make you happy.  She was fun to be around and had a gift for making people feel comfortable and welcome.  I will forever be grateful for my friendship with Sandy.

3 women smiling in front of a background of twinkle lightsShe will be truly missed.

With the biennial budget deliberations now in full gear, it behooves all of us to continue to speak up loud and clear in defense of the programs that protect the natural world around us.  Sandy would do and expect nothing less.

Watch for our session re-cap and more information on how you may honor Sandy’s legacy in fighting hard to protect the places you care about, for generations to come.

With warmest regards,
Amy Blaymore Paterson, Executive Director

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