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People with umbrellas walking outside during a heavy downpour

Reflecting on our recent Connecticut Land Conservation Conference, I’m struck by the powerful imagery in this photograph captured by a conference attendee. It’s a scene that encapsulates both the challenges we face and the unwavering dedication of our community.

The heavy rain is a reminder of the increasingly frequent and severe weather events attributed to the climate crisis. Flash flood warnings echoed throughout the state, underscoring the urgent need for action.

Yet, amidst the deluge, I see resilience.

Our attendees, over 550 strong, defied the weather conditions to come together for a common cause. They journeyed from every corner of the state and beyond, united by a shared commitment to land conservation, the environment, and their communities. Their presence speaks volumes about the strength of our collective resolve.

In each face obscured by hoods, caps, and umbrellas, I see unwavering dedication.

These individuals go above and beyond, not just on conference day but every day, all year round, to safeguard our natural environment and strengthen their communities. They are the stewards of our land, the guardians of our natural heritage, and the architects of our future.

As we confront the challenges of our time, from climate change to biodiversity loss, I see opportunity.

Thank you for your commitment to land conservation. I’m grateful to walk this journey with you, rain or shine.

Photo Credit: John Olin

Amy Blaymore Paterson
Executive Director
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P.S. Thank you, John Olin, for sharing this wonderful photograph! Links to more conference photos and other takeaways follow below. And speaking of dedicated conservationists, details of our 2024 Excellence in Conservation Award winners are coming soon…