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Cedar waxwing bird feeding on a branch with berries and lush green leaves

Recent conversations and readings have pushed me to deliberate the meaning of justice. One such reading was the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut’s annual report, which features CLCC’s community conservation work through our Regional Advancement Initiatives.

The report’s introductory letter touches on the complexity of defining justice. For each and every one of us, it can mean something different. Yet, the pursuit of justice can bring about something, some days we need in excess: Hope.

I rather like the idea of defining justice as hope. As an expectation, a desire for something certain, something tangible to happen. It is my hope that we, as a land conservation community, are brave enough to build something worthwhile together, beyond the boundaries of our towns and the confines of our missions.

I’ll leave you this morning with something to ponder. What does justice in land conservation mean to you?

Yaw Owusu Darko
Project Specialist
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CLCC is grateful for CFECT’s generous support for our community conservation programming in Eastern Connecticut, which helps to build connections between land trusts and their communities.

View CFECT’s 2022 report here » (find CLCC’s story on page 5.)