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Keep Calm & Go Birding

What did I miss all those years not listening for the birds, not knowing what is on top of the…

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Washington Monument in the spring at a park

2023 Advocacy Days – Staff Reflection and Recap

Two of the most important aspects of advocacy are connection and empathy. The joining of these two nurtures a space…

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Participants outside looking at birds through binoculars

Hiking with the Birds

A nature walk through Keney Park with East Granby Land Trust and the Grow Hartford Youth Program… Turkey tails, umbrella…

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Members of Outdoor Afro stand in a semi circle reflecting on the bird walk.

Bird, Hike, Learn & Laugh

There is an often overlooked joy to the process of discovery, of learning and understanding, and of creating a deeper…

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Man leaning forward on a wooden platform looking out at a preserve on a sunny day with clear skies

Nature as a right

What I have enjoyed most about my time at CLCC has been learning about the different land trusts throughout the…

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Thoughts on Imposter Syndrome and Inclusivity

So often, people of color experience imposter syndrome. A debilitating pattern in which they internalize a fear, a doubt about…

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portrait of MLK

What will be our legacy?

On January 18, many reflected and celebrated the spirit, the light, the life and love of Martin Luther King Jr.,…

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An Invitation to Dialogue

What can a pandemic teach us? I suppose it is teaching us what we should learn every day. The pandemic has magnified…

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