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CLCC is honored to be mentioned in an article by Morning Ag Clips. In partnership with the CT Department of Agriculture, CLCC will undertake a study to examine land access and tenure models, with an emphasis on land trusts and publicly owned land. This initiative will address access and equity issues borne by socially disadvantaged producers within Connecticut’s agricultural sector.

Land trusts are and can play an indispensable role in ensuring an equitable food system. Through farmland conservation and facilitating access to land, land trust can be an invaluable resource to new and beginning and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color producers.

To further the impact of this study, CLCC has received funding through the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut. This funding will enable CLCC to facilitate deeper conversations and collaborations between land trusts, community groups, and producers in the region to identify challenges to and opportunities for farmland access and ownership.

CLCC is committed to Connecticut’s rich agricultural heritage and recognizes the necessity of building robust connections between land trusts and farmers. Through this study, CLCC aims to equip both farmers and land trusts with the insights and tools needed for fruitful collaborations.

By fostering these collaborations, CLCC aspires to make a significant contribution to the sustainability and diversification of local agriculture. By emphasizing the role of land trusts, this initiative works toward ensuring that conservation goes hand in hand with providing equitable access to farmland.

Photo Credit: Lisa Lane Farms, Dale Bertoldi

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