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Tentatively scheduled for March 22, 2025

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Leading the Way, Environmental Activists Speak Out

Room: Usdan Multipurpose Room
Intro Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level

Land trust leaders are worried about who is going to succeed them to ensure that their land conservation vision is carried forward. What is not as clear is how younger people feel about their role in land conservation and how (and if) they envision themselves taking charge of that perpetual responsibility. Facilitated by Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC)’s Jovan Bryan, the 2024 roundtable features speakers who will share their frustrations, concerns, hopes, goals, and plans to cultivate a shared understanding and vision of the past, present, and future of land conservation.


Jovan Bryan, Community Conservation Coordinator, CT Land Conservation Council (CLCC)

Emely Ricci, Community Planner, Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments

Sydney Collins, Youth Climate Advocate, Sunrise New Haven

Henry Foushee, Volunteer, Sierra Club

Cameron Lloyd, Intern & Board Member, Traprock Ridge Land Conservancy

Keila Silva, Climate Activist, Suffield High School

Anagha Bhumireddy, Climate Action Club Co-Founder & Co-President, Avon High School

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“CLCC’s annual conference is like Woodstock for Connecticut’s land conservation community. It’s an opportunity to foster connections, get inspired, and celebrate our collective accomplishments”

- Pete Govert, Executive Director, East Haddam Land Trust

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