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Inverted Board Meeting Structure

Shared by Sharon Danosky, this alternative way of structuring board meetings allows you to focus discussion on “big picture” items, and connect the discussions in your meeting back to your mission and strategic objectives. Also included are ideas for creating a consent agenda to more efficiently move through items that may require approval, but do not require discussion.

Introduction to FarmLink for Land Trusts

CLCC and CT Farmland Trust hosted an online introduction to the FarmLink program, and how FarmLink can help match your land trust to a farmer who is interested in stewarding your agricultural lands. Topics discussed land and community benefits of leasing farmland, land trust considerations before leasing, and funding opportunities for your land trust.

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Leasing Land to Farmers: A Handbook for New England Land Trusts, Municipalities and Institutions – Land for Good

This handbook was produced for New England by the Non-farming Landowner Task Force of the Land Access Project.

Land Trust Board Member Boot Camp

CLCC’s Land Trust Board Member Boot Camp is a five-part series that covers the essential roles, functions, and responsibilities of land trust board members. The series is designed for those who are new to being on a board, new to land trusts, or are looking for a refresher course.

CT Land Trust Risk Management Initiative

The Land Trust Alliance and CLCC collaborated to bring risk management support to your land trust, through the Connecticut Land Trust Risk Management Initiative.

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Venn Diagram: Donor-centered Writing

Shared by Judy Anderson

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Governor’s Council on Climate Change

Learn more about the Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3), as well as access reports regarding climate change in Connecticut.

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Communications Best Practices – Land Trust Alliance

The Land Trust Alliance provides tips on ways to effectively communicate about climate change with others.

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How to Talk About Climate Change – Land Trust Alliance & Open Space Institute

The Land Trust Alliance and the Open Space Institute created this document to guide land trusts as they discuss climate change issues in their local communities.

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Reshaping the Energy Future: Renewables and Land Trusts – Land Trust Alliance

In this document the Alliance articulates the important role that land trusts can play in renewable energy development and offers specific guidance on ways that land trusts can participate in this important issue to support improved conservation outcomes in the context of a changing climate.

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Practical Pointers: Siting Renewables on Conservation Easements – Land Trust Alliance

Assessing whether renewable energy is an appropriate activity is a site-specific question that can only be answered after careful analysis of the conservation values of a given property and in the full context of an individual project. These “practical pointers” help support that analysis.

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Solar Siting Guidelines – American Farmland Trust

American Farmland Trust’s mission is to save the land that sustains us by protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land. AFT supports accelerated solar development and believes that, with proper planning and siting, our agricultural lands can also play a meaningful role in hosting solar energy while maintaining active and productive agriculture.