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‘Tip of the iceberg’: is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19? – John Vida, The Guardian (March 2020)

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2020 Model Agricultural Easement
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2019 Model Forever Wild Easement
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2019 Model Conservation Easement Compilation of Options
Land Trust Law School – Tree and Land Law Connecticut Style

9/30/20 – Keith Ainsworth leads the discussion on the legal strategies and tools available to land trusts, environmental organizations and landowners seeking to protect, assert and know their rights. This workshop covered laws, regulations, and review the broad history of cases that illustrate how Connecticut’s courts have shaped the law. Topics included encroachments, tree law, water and wetlands, liability and risk management, restoration, documentation and participating in the public process.

Stewardship Funding with NRCS

6/4/20 – Staff from NRCS Connecticut presented about available funding for your stewardship work. NRCS Staff covered a variety of their programs including the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP), Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), and the Healthy Forest Reserve Program.

Updating Your Stewardship Workplan

5/21/20 – Connie Manes, Executive Director of Kent Land Trust presents on planning your stewardship calendar at this time. Review basic must-do stewardship responsibilities for fee-owned and conservation easement properties, and learn how land trusts in CT and nationally are accomplishing these tasks.